The Alexander

A Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, & Onions Pizza.

The Alexander is the patriarch of the Cusumano Frozen Pizzas. It is smothered with the freshest sliced mushrooms and the perfect mix of sliced red onion, then layered with the Old World Sicilian Sausage Recipe with fennel seeds and spicy, yet lean, pepperoni that will make your taste buds pop! All of this on the traditional Cusumano thin and crispy crust with sweet pizza sauce and a blend of that specialty St Louis style cheese. Topped off with oregano and Pecorino Romano.

The Classic

A Pepperoni & Italian Sausage Pizza

The Classic makes your mouth water just thinking about the pepperoni and Italian Sausage that have made Cusumano’s Pizzas a favorite for decades. It all starts with thin crispy crust, the zesty family tradition pizza sauce with oregano and Romano bursting with true Italian flavor. Simply the creamiest and richest flavor of the St Louis style pizza cheese. No MSG added. Topped with best Romano you can buy and grated Pecorino Romano.


The Nuccio

A Pepperoni, Italian Sausage and Bacon Pizza

The Nuccio is our three-meat pizza on top of a thin, crispy St Louis style pizza crust. First is our family’s special recipe Italian Sausage. Add to that  pepperoni, so fresh you would think you saw it being sliced thin in an authentic Italian deli. The final piece of the Nuccio trilogy is made up of crispy slices of hickory smoked bacon! All of this topped with a special blend of oregano and fresh grated Pecorino Romano cheese.

The Gloria

A Tomato, Roasted Pepper, Mushroom, Onion, Black Olive and Fresh Basil

Gloria’s Garden Pizza includes a thin and flavorful crispy crust bursting with rich aroma of herbs and spices – including fresh basil, topped with fresh vine-ripened Roma tomatoes, mild and sweet roasted red pepper, California black olives, sweet red onion, with fresh Pecorino Romano cheese layered on top.


The Pleaser

The Pleaser Cheese Pizza includes a crispy thin crust with just the right amount of zesty pizza sauce made with the perfect blend of the creamiest, tastiest, St. Louis Style cheese sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. The Pleaser Cheese Pizza can also be your at-home starter pizza – add your favorite toppings and pop it in the oven so the entire family can enjoy!

The Valenti

A Double Italian Sausage Pizza

The Valenti Double Italian Sausage speaks for itself! This St. Louis-original pizza comes complete with the award-winning, 100-year old Valenti family Italian Sausage recipe! Valenti Italian Sausage is made with fresh pork, the freshest spices and herbs, no premixes and no MSG added. All of this on a thin St. Louis-style Pizza crust and of course, our zesty Cusumano pizza sauce.

St. Louis Style Pizza - Cusumano's-St.-Louis-Style-Frozen-Pizza---The-Paisan-Pepperoni

The Paisan Pepperoni

The Paisan Pepperoni, starts with a thin flavorful crust, the pizza sauce zip’s with extra Pecorino, Romano and Oregano. The Classic Taste of the St Louis Style Pizza Cheese mix. Loaded with double the Pepperoni and then Topped with more Italian flavor Pecorino Romano and Oregano Cheeses.