Cusumano's Frozen Pizza - About Cusumano's - Family Picture

Cusumano’s Pizza and Food Company

My great-grandfather, Faro Cusumano, was born in Sicily, came to St. Louis and pushed a banana cart from north St. Louis to East St. Louis every day to make a living. My grandpa, Sam Cusumano, used to make homemade pizzas in the basement of his house . Every holiday, we gathered in Grandpa (Sam) and Grandma’s (Jenny) basement for a feast. Aunt Mary, Uncle Frank, Uncle Joe, and my dad, Alex were there making sauce and spedinis! Great Italian traditions were passed down through the generations and I wanted to keep the Cusumano name alive! Thus, I started Cusumano’s Pizza!

I named two pizzas after the two most important people in my life – Alexander and Gloria – my mom and dad. My mom passed away last December and this is a tribute to her. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the love and support of them both.