Cusumano’s Pizza and Fundraising

Welcome to Cusumano’s Pizza and Fundraising. We may be the new kid on the fundraising block, but we have been in the neighborhood for decades!

The Cusumano name has been synonymous with St. Louis fine Italian gourmet food for over three generations, dating back to the 1960’s. Some of the recipes go back 100 years from Sicily.

Owner, Sam Cusumano, is proud to bring his family’s traditions to the table to help the community he still calls home. Whether you are a member of a high school band, church group, little league ball team or a neighborhood association looking to raise money -Cusumano’s Pizza and Fundraising is a delicious turn-key fundraising program perfect for any and all fundraising goals!

Cusumano’s Pizza and Fundraising likes to keep it all in the family – from Gloria’s Garden Pizza or The Alexander, both affectionately named after Sam’s parents, your organization will have no problem raising money with the mouth-watering pizzas available.

Once you see the Cusumano name on the pizza, you know it is old-school amazing with all fresh ingredients – including a Old World Sicilian Sausage Recipe on The Alexander, The Paisan Pepperoni, The Nuccio, The Valenti or The Classic. We don’t want to leave out the aforementioned Gloria’s Garden Pizza smothered with tomato, roasted pepper, mushroom, onion, black olive and fresh basil. When ordering or selling, you won’t want to leave the true St. Louis-style cheese pizza The Pleaser – the name speaks for itself.

It doesn’t matter if you grew up in North, South, East, West County or City, Missouri or even Illinois … Cusumano Frozen Pizza offers a taste of St. Louis to wherever you call home.

How it Works

Cusumano’s Pizza and Fundraising makes it simple to raise money for your organization or cause. Simply pick up, or print out, our Frozen Pizza brochure and let our delicious St. Louis style pizzas do all of the marketing for you! You can offer all seven fresh ingredient varieties -Gloria’s Garden Pizza, The Alexander, The Paisan, The Nuccio, The Valenti, The Classic or The Pleaser.

All seven pizzas are made and stocked right here in St. Louis and stocked at St. Louis Cold Storage. Sam and his godson, Brad Holloway, oversee the production of the frozen pizzas every two weeks.

Steps for Success and How to do the Fundraiser

You set the date, collect the orders and let us know what you want and when you want them!

From there, we will arrange for you to stop by our place, or we will meet you at a designated location to drop off your orders and pick up payment. That’s right – you don’t pay us until it is time to pick up your order! Your organization can make out one check or money order payable to Cusumano’s Foods.

Since we make the pizzas every two weeks, we will have plenty in stock. This allows us to fill your orders within 2-3 weeks from the time you tell us what your organization wants. No order is too big, nor too small. We will work with your organization to reach any goal you set!

Our price to you is $7 per pizza – only $6 for The Pleaser cheese pizza. Your organization can charge whatever you like and keep the difference!

The entire process should take about a month and a half from beginning to end. Again, you can expect a two-week turnaround because we make pizzas every two weeks right here in St. Louis!


Cusumano’s Pizza and Fundraising does things a little differently – remember, our goal is to make it simple so you can hit your fundraising goal – you do not need to pay us prior to delivery! That being said, our drivers do not carry cash. We will take an organizational check, money order, cashier’s check or you can pay cash at the time of delivery or pickup.

Please understand if you submit a check you will need to show your driver’s license. We cannot accept personal checks, starter checks, credit cards or large amounts of cash. We hope you understand, but we want to make this simple for everyone involved.

Dotting the I’s and Crossing the T’s

At the time of delivery we will provide you with a print out of every order listed by individual and itemized, by item and by cost owed to Cusumano’s Pizza and Fundraising. Each order will be alphabetized and assigned a number. This number will correspond to the number you will see on the box packed with the completed order.

Time of Delivery

We will do our best to meet you at a practice, church or school at time that works for both parties. We are not the cable company, and won’t make you schedule between noon and four p.m., but we would like a small window of time to be able to deliver seamlessly to you and your organization. We ask that you arrange a place that allows plenty of space for us to park and unload hopefully a large number of boxes filled with frozen pizzas ready to be sorted and delivered! It’s helpful to have a few tables to check orders and to have sellers sign in, a couple volunteers, and a handicap accessible entrance.

A simple guideline would be to schedule your delivery 15-20 minutes before your announced pickup time for groups of 20 or less and as much as 90 minutes for large groups.

Your orders will be boxed according to seller, and staged in numerical order. When your sellers arrive please have them check and confirm their orders before they leave the staging area. Any discrepancies should be reported to the chairperson at this time.

You, as the chairperson, must report those to us on the next business day. Boxes will include a number, a name, the number of boxes required to complete the order, a packing list and an organizational identification. Make sure everyone picks up the right number of boxes!

This may go without saying …

Please remember … the pizzas are frozen! Please adjust your pickup times when the weather may play a factor – i.e. you don’t want your pizzas sitting in a box on a parking lot on a scorching hot July evening in St. Louis!

We ask for a point-person’s cell phone number for the day of delivery. This will help with any last minute changes on either side! Whether we get stuck in traffic, or your practice or event gets cancelled or moved for any reason! Again, keeping it simple silly (KISS)!

We are as proud of our customer service as we are of our amazing, mouth-watering pizzas! We want you to be as happy with our product and service as we are in helping you!

We sincerely thank you for choosing Cusumano’s Pizza and Fundraising.

Ready to get started?

Doing a fundraiser with Cusumano’s Pizza and Fundraising is a special way to give back to organizations within the communities we all call home. But we can’t do it without you! If you’re ready to schedule your organization’s next fundraising event, simply contact us to get started. See, what did we tell you? Our fundraising process is so simple it is as easy as pie – pizza pie that is!

We accept late orders for up to five (5) days before your delivery.

After the Paperwork is submitted Cusumano’s Pizza and Fund raising will process and input each order individually by participant under your organization.

Cusumano’s Pizza and Fundraising will send you a detailed report of each participant, as well as, an invoice that will be due at delivery.

We will pack orders by each participant and return original order form with products. Cusumano’s Pizza and Fundraising will deliver pre-packed orders to your organization at a pre-determined location and time.

Our driver will unload truck and line orders up alphabetically.

At this time, driver will collect your payment. Please pay by organization check, money order, or cashier’s check.

If you have any questions during your fundraiser or after we are here to help you.

Please feel free to contact Sam Cusumano at or call/text him at 314-805-8820


To download and print complete information on the Cusumano’s Frozen Pizza Fundraising Packet PDF, Brochure, Organization Customizable Poster or Order Forms please click on the images below.

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